Muskegon Farmers’ Market

Community is Built at the
Intersection of People and Place

Learn more about Frey Foundation support for projects ranging from neighborhood-based initiatives to efforts with broad regional impact.

Boys & Girls Club Grand Rapids

Children are a
Community’s Future

Every child’s success is a victory for the broader community. Learn about people, programs and systems that promote healthy development of children and their families.

Crooked Tree Arts Center

Community Arts

Learn more about Frey Foundation's efforts to stimulate the vitality, effectiveness and growth of community-based arts and encourage engagement in cultural experiences.

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council

Protecting Land and Water

Learn more about Frey Foundation's support of efforts to restore, protect and connect land and watersheds, regional trailways, parklands and other greenways widely enjoyed by the public.

We have a passion for investing in four key program areas.

Building Community

Children & Families

Community Arts


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