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Vogue Theatre

The hub of community entertainment in small towns has often been a theater hosting everything from talent shows and traveling vaudeville to opera productions and movies. The Vogue Theatre, which opened in the pretty riverside town of Manistee in 1938, was one such place. Amid blocks of ornate 19th century Victorian buildings, its Art Deco design and huge size made it a standout. It was ultramodern, luxurious and high tech by 1930s standards, and for decades, it was a busy place. But for lack of a strategy to keep it going, the Vogue closed in 2005 as the economy spiraled downward and businesses moved away.

Boys & Girls Club Grand Rapids

Here’s an eye opener: For as mobile a society as we have become, most kids in the inner city seldom leave a twelve-block radius. After school, many have limited learning opportunities or social activities at home. “So they come to our clubs,” says Rick Huisman, executive director of the Boys and Girls Club of Grand Rapids, a key community partner that’s helping kids overcome some of the academic and social challenges they face.

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