LOVE in Grand Rapids

Frey Foundation and LOVE

Love and commitment to their community led Edward and Frances Frey to establish the Frey Foundation in 1974. Now decades later, and under the leadership of a new generation of family members, that love and commitment continue, and community remains at the heart of every decision made by the foundation.

To honor this enduring legacy, the Frey family set out to identify a piece of public art that would illuminate their love for one another and their love for Grand Rapids, the place where it all began. They sought a piece that would continue their tradition of placemaking through public art and celebrate the culture of the community. They saw this as an opportunity to bring about an intersection of art and city life that would feel meaningful, magical and life-affirming.

After reviewing the works of 37 artists and considering 16 different sites for the installation, the Frey Foundation is proud to unveil LOVE by artist Robert Indiana on Louis Campau Promenade.

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LOVE Unveiling Videos

Click below to watch videos from the events surrounding the unveiling of Robert Indiana’s LOVE in Grand Rapids, Michigan on May 9, 2018.


An overview of the unveiling of Robert Indiana’s LOVE in Grand Rapids, Michigan


An overview of the LOVE unveiling luncheon hosted by the Frey Foundation at the Grand Rapids Art Museum

Art of Placemaking

Dr. Andrew Zitcer’s (Drexel University) full presentation on the Art of Placemaking

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