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Take one incredibly creative artist who sees the promise of engaging the community through art in a vacant building. Add a multitude of partners, volunteers, and artists and you begin to see how Paul Amenta of SiTE:LAB has created unusual art installations that welcome tens of thousands of visitors from all walks of life every year. Paul and an ever-changing crew of volunteers have organized more than 30 temporary art exhibits over the past decade, all housed in underutilized buildings in and around downtown Grand Rapids.

Little Traverse Conservancy

In the last one hundred years, the landscape of this country has been changing faster than it’s being protected. Alarmed at the disappearance of mature forests, scenic prairies, essential biodiversity and “breathing room,” land conservation groups have worked to protect an estimated 40 million acres that are now set aside as wildlife and plant habitat, act as buffers of our Great Lakes water resources and provide public access to nature. Thanks to efforts by Little Traverse Conservancy, a generous chunk of that protected land is located in Northern Michigan.

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